Intermediate Handgun Course

The Intermediate Handgun Course (IHC) is a great firearm class for someone who has recently obtained their concealed carry handgun class and looking for additional training.

The IHC is the enhancement of basic handgun skills and the introduction to tactical strategies. This course serves as a building block for the Advance Tactical Course (ATC) which is a fast paced shoot, move, and communication under stressful conditions training course.

The IHC is intended for the civilian who desires training in the defensive use of a handgun. As a prerequisite to the course, the student must have already completed the NC Concealed Carry course and possess a valid NC Concealed Carry Permit.

The IHC will expose the student to proper handgun manipulations, marksmanship fundamentals and tactics using minimal classroom time and extensive live fire exercise. This course will involve drawing from a holster and include one-shot drills, multi-shot drills, failure drills along with shooting with one and two hands. This course will provide concerned citizens with the skills and tactics necessary to gain a significant advantage over aggressive attackers during life-threatening encounters.

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