Gun Safe

Heavy Duty Biometric Gun Safe

    Technical Details

  • Biometric fingerprint access control
  • Stores up to 6 fingerprints for multiple users
  • 2 keys for override
  • Exterior: 7.25 wide 10.75 long 1.95 high
  • Interior: 7.05 wide 8.75 long 1.5 high
  • Print recognition in less than 1 second

Product Description

The new and improved Safe Case features an optical fingerprint scanner for superior fingerprint recognition. Just swipe your finger on the scanner to quickly unlock. The Safe Case provides you with sleek, safe and convenient storage for handguns, jewelry, coins, stamps, medicine and personal documents. Your valuables can be quickly accessed via the biometric optical fingerprint reader. Its compact size also allows you to store your valuables in tight spaces or even while traveling. The biometric fingerprint reader uses the latest technology to recognize hard to read fingerprints and scan through dirt and oil. Store up to 6 fingerprints for multiple user access. The Safe Case is powered by 4 AA batteries that will last for over 1000 openings. Fingerprint information is not lost when batteries die or are replaced. The Safe Case’s all-steel construction provides a nearly impenetrable barrier for your valuables. A security cable is also included to prevent theft.

The Safe Case provides you with a sleek, safe and convenient storage option for handguns, jewelry, coins, stamps and personal documents. With a built-in optical fingerprint scanner, the Safe Case keeps your valuables secure until you are ready to access them.

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