Ladies Only



We created these courses for women who wish to develop shooting and firearm handling skills in a women-only environment.

We offer both foundational courses for women with little or no experience handling or shooting a firearm, as well as intermediate-level courses for women who wish to further develop their shooting ability.


Ladies Course
Both the Women’s Introduction to Handguns and Women’s Selecting a Firearm also touch on personal and home defense strategies in order to aid you and your loved ones in the important decisions regarding your safety. This is a woman only environment where we spend time on safety issues specific to women.
Ladies Course


We also provide you with self-training tips for further development of your shooting and personal defense capabilities beyond the course. Students learn in a positive, respectful and supportive environment where they will become more confident and capable in their deployment and use of their firearm.




Ladies Only Courses Offered

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Introduction to Handguns

This is a beginner-level course introducing you to the fundamentals of operating a handgun, from loading and storage to assuming a confident shooting stance. This course is perfect for the new handgun owner or someone looking for a refresher on the basics of handgun skills.

Lesson covers:

  • Gun safety instruction
  • Awareness of your surroundings
  • Shooting fundamentals: Grip, Stance, Sight Alignment
  • Different types of handguns (pistols vs. revolvers)
  • Selecting the correct firearm
  • Where you can carry on your person

You will actually be able to hold different types of firearms to help you understand the differences. This introduction to handgun class is a 3 hour class.  This is a non-shooting class and taught in a safe learning environment.  The current promotional price is only $69.00. 

For a limited time only you can bring a girl friend for FREE!

Selecting a Firearm - Range Time

Do you find the process of selecting a firearm intimidating or overwhelming?  There are so many things to look at: brand, caliber, reliability, recoil, revolver vs. semi-auto etc…

This class takes away all of the non-sense wherein we break down the selection process in a practical easy to understand format.

No one wants to spend $600+ on a firearm only to find out later that it’s not comfortable to shoot.

This class actually allows you to test drive different firearms on the range before making your purchase.  You are able to shoot different firearms (revolvers & semi-autos) to help you determine the correct firearm selection.

  •  Revolver: .38 special (S&W, Ruger)
  • Semi-Automatic: .380 cal., 9mm (Bersa, Beretta, Glock, Kahr, Ruger, Springfield, S&W, Sig Sauer)

This selecting the correct firearm course is a 3 hour class.  The current promotional price is only $69.00 and includes the following: firearm rental, range time, eye protection, ear protection, target, instruction, 25 rounds of ammo and assessment sheet to score/rate the firearms.  Additional ammo sold separately.