Thanks to all of our customers and fellow gun owners for their kind feedback.

Below are some of the comments we have received. If you would like to add a testimonial to the list or just drop a note to Mark, contact him at info@practicalarms.com

I have trained with some of the best firearm instructors in the military and law enforcement community. Now I can add Mark Williams to that list. He’s a true professional, he knows his stuff and more importantly he teaches in a way that everyone can understand. I plan on training with him again in the future and would highly recommend him for anyone considering a concealed carry handgun class.

— J. Laskowski, MSGT – USAF

Taking your NRA Basic Pistol Class removed any intimidation of handling a firearm. After your instruction I am now comfortable with having and practicing with my firearm. Excellent class and GREAT INSTRUCTOR!


As a veteran high school teacher, I know how hard it is to keep students attention and make the material interesting. Mark, you did a fabulous job of keeping my interest through out the class. The material was informative and interesting; the 9 hours really flew by. The absolute best CCW instructor in the area! Thanks Mark!

— Susie D.

I did not grow up around guns and was scared about being around them. However, as a single mom and in these times, I felt the need to be able to protect myself. Mark’s class was DEFINITELY the answer for me! His class was informative and kept my attention (no thoughts of nodding off to sleep!). After the class I proudly walked off the shooting range with my target and went home to clean my gun. I now feel comfortable around guns and confident of how to use them. I would recommend your class to everyone!

— Mary J.

I attended this class with my husband and it was very good. I now have a much better understanding of NC gun laws and I learned a lot about handguns and shooting that was news to me. I plan on telling my girlfriends about your class.

— AJ

Would highly recommend class to anyone interested in what the NC Concealed Carry law consist of and determining the use of deadly force. Mark is a great instructor and has a passion for delivering content in such away that it sticks. Job well done, I will be sending others your way.

— K. Jones

I enjoyed your CCW class more than I thought I would. The information that you presented was in a thought-out easy to understand manner. You proved to be very knowledgeable in your instruction and ability to address our questions appropriately and skillfully.

— Robyn A.

Mark is an outstanding instructor and I would suggest him to anyone or group.

— Fred M.

Thank you for making this course fun, informative and interactive. I really learned a lot and enjoyed this course.

— AH

I thought your Basic Pistol class was a MUST for a 1st time owner of a firearm. Keep up the good work in educating the public.

— R. Moore

Mark, I took the NC Concealed Carry Class from another instructor and didn’t feel that it was put together well. I learned more within 2 hours of your class than I did in his entire class. I can tell that you enjoy what you do – it shows in your teaching approach. I look forward to continued training in your other firearm classes.

— Ron M.

Great Job, Mark!